Consumer Demand for Connected Home Products Slows Dramatically in First Half of 2015 and Continues Rapid Drop Off
Consumer Demand for Connected Home products has slowed dramatically in the first half of 2015


  • Early adopters have gotten what they need, and now products are not compelling typical consumers to create a connected home
  • Acquisitions by Google and Samsung have done little to spark consumer interest

 Connected Home Demand Report

New report by Argus Insights reveals that while security cameras are the most talked about home automation device, consumer interest is waning, and despite investments in Nest and Dropcam by Google, and investment in SmartThings by Samsung, consumer demand continues to lag. Report includes:

  • Analysis of relative mindshare in Connected Home segments, including: Energy Monitors, Security Systems, Security Cameras, Smart Locks, Lights, Thermostats, Bells & Sensors
  • Analysis of decline in demand of security cameras with breakdown of frequently reported issues
  • Explanation of impact (or rather lack thereof) of Samsung & Google Home Automation acquisitions on consumer perception
  • Breakdown of social content within the entire Internet of Things market

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