Anticipate Demand with the 20/20 Scorecard

20.20 scorecard sample
Argus Insights 20/20 Demand Scorecard:
  • Forecast consumer adoption
  • Track how consumers are reacting to the top brands and products in your market of interest
  • Monthly matrix of delight, buzz, and predicted demand trends for the top 20 Brands and Products
  • Argus Insights has 20/20 foresight, using consumer data to predict demand trends and guide market decisions

for $300/month

Purchase a 20/20 Demand Scorecard in your market of choice to the right. An Annual Subscription includes biannual analyst consultations, a $50 value, free.

If you do not see a report for your market of interest, please contact us at or 1(877) 992-7847 to discuss data & reporting options.

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