Momma knows best! What is the best gift for Mother’s Day?

I don’t know about you but my inbox has been awash with ads from Apple and others with first class tickets for a guilt trip if I don’t get my mom (or my wife) an iPaxly Fire tablet or Next S5 Dash 8 smartphone for Mother’s Day next weekend.  The gadget blogs have all been discussing what is the best phablet to get for the mom that desperately needs more megapixels in their live and delivers more cores than Octomom!  But this is for Mom.  Do we want to trust the guidance for a gift to the person that brought us into this world to the manufacturers who seek to siphon off more of mom’s monthly income in the name of ARPU so that you’ll have to support her later in life?  No!  Do we listen intently to the same geeks that told us the iPhone was a toy and that vinyl was dead?  No!  We listen to the one that soothed our sore throats with love and honey, that kissed our skinned knees, that ensured us there are plenty of fish in the sea if we were patient.  Mom, or in the case of Argus Insights, other moms.

We culled through the millions of mentions by tablet and smartphone owners to see for those that discussed mom, and determine which brands delivered an experience worthy of our maternal gratitude.

Best Tablet and Smartphones Brands for Mom as reported by MomWithin tablets there is little surprise that Apple comes out on top.  What is surprising is that more iPad owners aren’t chatting about the awesome gift they got mom.  Amazon hits the sweet spot for the balance between price and delight while, juggernaut Samsung lags just behind Apple.  Across the board, those reviews that mention Mom were higher rated than the rest of the population, bolstering the notion that Mother Knows Best.

Smartphones tell a different story though with the same beginning with Apple still leading the pack, just barely but with the lowest mom mentions of all the brands.  Moms tell us that they like Nokia Lumia handsets just as much as iPhones (Mom always did like a bargain).  Oddly Samsung is beat out by Nokia, HTC, even BlackBerry, whose recent push on Enterprise Mobility might need to shift to Enterprise Moms instead!

While this has all been a bit tongue in cheek (because Mom taught me not to stick out my tongue), the results are based on actual consumers discussions of what tablets and smartphones they love.  The same data we used to beat Wall Street on Apple last week is being used to help you think about what to get Mom this year.  So do Mom a favor, get something that will make life easier rather than forcing more gigabytes down her proverbial throat the way she forced you to consumer castor oil as a child.