How To Power the Ever-Expanding Internet of Things

May 2, 2016

Here at Argus Insights we analyze consumer feedback across entire markets. By collecting and analyzing all this data, we discover what is important to consumers and gain visibility into what is driving entire markets. We believe data is best shared, so we invite you to join us at our IoT Webinar this upcoming Wednesday, May 4. Let us know what is important to you when you sign up, and we will look to the data as we lead a rich discussion about what is gaining attention in the ever expanding Internet of Things market.

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Looking to IoT discussion in the month of April so far, there is budding concern about how to supply power to the growing IoT Ecosystem. The top three most popular tweets of the month in IoT Twitter discussion highlight K3OPS Energy Harvesting solution. This solution can help address the “environmental impacts in a society that requires more and more electricity” as the number of wireless connected devices grows.

Specific tweets about renewable and green energy solutions gained attention in the busy IoT market discussion, but Big Data remains a looming concern across the entire market. #BigData was the third most used hashtag, after #IoT and #InternetofThings, in the month of April so far. As an unavoidable byproduct of communication between connected devices, talk of how to process and protect all the collected data is top of mind and ranges across several subtopics within the IoT.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.37.52 AM
Chart of the Day: Top 10 hashtags in IoT discussion show interest in Big Data, Technology & m2m

These topics were driving IoT discussion this month, but the market is constantly changing. Join us at our webinar this Wednesday to continue the discussion about the state of the IoT.