Why limit yourself to just your customers talking about your brand?

For the price others charge for your brand, we deliver the entire market landscape!

Most social intelligence solutions are focused just on your brand and customers, leaving you blind to the moves of your competition and the needs of your potential customers.  Success comes from not only delighting your current customers but from disrupting the competition and converting new consumers to your offerings.
“Where is the competition vulnerable in consumers mind?” is one of the key questions for your future innovation. And often times it is determined based on hunches or assumptions. However, now you can have a concrete answer to it. Moreover, you can have comprehensive understanding on the context of your competition landscape. You can assess how your products are viewed by consumers compared to the competitor products/brands by comparing consumer behavior across multiple sources, including social media.
Argus assesses your position in consumers mind compared with your competitor products and brands, and tracks the changes of relative mind share with bird eye view to indicate the near term trend.
“Voice of the Market”:We collect social intelligence for all parts of the competitive landscape and deliver actionable results through our proprietary portal, tailored to the needs of our clients.
“Competition Quadrant”: Argus synthesizes the “consumer delight” and “buzz” data and categorizes the players in the market into four groups : Winner, Loser, Why Bother, and Slow Burner. Argus identifies where you are currently located at compared to your competitions and which direction you are heading to from consumers point of view.

Example: Smartphone Competition Quadrant (Dec 2013 – Jan 2014)


Where does your brand live in on the competitive landscape? Where is your competition open to disruption? Argus Insights can help not only map out the landscape but provide the evidence you need to craft an decisive strategy and measure the impact of execution.

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