Argus Insights Analysis of Global Smartphone Demand for CY Q2 Include Apple iPhone Sales Forecast

Results from Webinar by Argus Insights CEO, John Feland on 21 Jul 2014 ahead of Apple\’s Q3 earnings release. See the latest analysis from Argus Insights on Apple iPhone sales performance. Leverage consumer insights from around the world, this presentation shows how Apple is faring against Xiaomi in China, Samsung in the US and against themselves globally.
We saw robust demand in the US, Europe and China for Apple iPhones, with sell-through in Q3 on par or above that of Q1, the holiday season. Apple continues to do well against Samsung in China but we are seeing some softness in the US market where Samsung demand went up while Apple\’s dropped, but lower than expected. Consumer interest in the iPhone 5S has slowed in both the US and China. It is most disturbing in China where we see interest in the iPhone 4S exceed that of the 5S and 5C. Interest fell in the 5C at a lower rate in the US. So while Argus believes Apple will outperform Q3 2013, seeing the rapid drop in interest for the flagship iPhone 5S so far ahead of their next product launch signals a rough Q4 for iPhone sales.

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