Battle of the Brands October 2015
battle of the brands delight
Apple produces the happiest consumers, while Google products are causing disappointment (delight represents likelihood of consumer promotion, based on consumer reviews)


  • While Apple and Microsoft delight, consumers are more disappointed in Google, Samsung, and Amazon hardware overall
  • Amazon is the only brand with high delight scores for smart home products from happy Echo users, whereas smart home products are dragging down delight scores for the other brands
  • While Google owns Android OS, their Nexus hardware that utilizes this is not producing happy users

 Battle of the Brands Report

This report digs into consumer feedback for various product offerings from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung to detail the strengths and weaknesses of each brand

Report includes:

  • Competitive analysis of overall brand delight and buzz 
  • Deep dive into breakdown of consumer perception across Smartphone, Streaming, Tablet, Wearables and Smart Home device markets for each of the five featured brands
  • Demand projections and buzz & delight trends for the most popular products of September 2015 for each brand
  • Discussion of implications of market shifts and how companies can adapt to succeed

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