Hot Wearables Headed into Black Friday & the 2015 Holiday Season
Top Products List
Lumo Lift out-delights Fitbit & Apple wins the hearts & minds of smartwatch users
  • After a slow launch consumers are finding immense delight in the Apple Watch
  • Heart Rate monitors are driving satisfaction for fitness focused consumers
  • Quality trumps price as consumers are displaying interest and delight in higher end devices
  •  Hot Wearables Heading into Black Friday Report

    This report examines the state of the Wearables Market heading into Black Friday & the 2015 holiday season. While consumer demand continues to drop, certain products stand out as diamonds in the rough.

    Report includes:

    • List of Top Fitness Trackers & Bands and Smartwatches according to consumer perception and demand ahead of Black Friday
    • Analysis of leading wearable products by categories and market implications in the upcoming holiday season
    • Deep dive into features driving the most delight for wrist worn wearable consumers

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