Argus Insight Smart Home 360 Report

A comprehensive view of the US Smart Home marketplace, with the most complete 
& timely data and analysis available today 

Report Outline:

Executive Summary
Section I: Smart Home Service Providers & MSOs
Analysis of the performance of Vivint, ADT, AT&T Digital Life, Xfinity Home, Time Warner, Cox Communications, Suddenlink,, Icontrol Networks and more.
Section II: Smart Home Ecosystems
Watch the battle between walled gardens and community gardens unfold with analysis of HomeKit, Amazon, Nest Weave, Samsung SmartThings,, Icontrol Networks and more.
Section III: Smart Home Market Segments
Detailed analysis of category momentum in Hubs and Kits, Smart Thermostats, Smart Lighting, Smart Plugs, Sensors, Smart Detectors, Security Cameras, and more. See which brands are gaining attention with consumers within these segments.
   -Top Security Camera Brands
   -Top Smart Light Brands
   -Top Hub/Kit Brands
   -Top Smart Switch & Plug Brands
   -Top Doorbell Camera Brands
   -Top Smart Thermostat Brands
   -Top Smart Appliance Brands
   -Top Smart Lock Brands
   -Top Smart Sensor Brands
   -Top Smart Security System Brands
   -Smart Home Device Usage
Section IV: DIY Smart Home Devices & Apps
Understand how the Smart Home device brands are serving the needs of consumers with their hardware, the apps that control them, and the brand’s ability to grab mindshare within the Smart Home market conversations on Twitter. Details on Philips, Rachio, Nest, August, Belkin, Netgear, and many more.
Section V: Smart Home Retail Landscape
Understand which retail channels are communicating the value of Smart Home most effectively to consumers. Analysis of Best Buy, Amazon, Sears, Lowes, Home Depot and more. Including an analysis of their promotional activity within Twitter to understand how promotion translates into demand.
Section VI: Action Analysis
Analysis of potential next steps for a company participating in the Smart Home market, based on the analysis shared within the report. Suggestions of key items to watch in the market evolution, emerging “must have” requirements like voice control and more.

Brands Mentioned in Report

2GiG, ADT, Aeotec,, Amazon, Android, Ankoo, Apple/Homekit, ATT, August, Belkin, Canary, Chamberlain, Cox Communication, Cree, Ecobee, Ecolink, Fibaro, Foscam, GE, GoControl, Google/Alphabet, Honeywell, Icontrol, Insteon, Intel, iSmartAlarm, Kwikset, Leeo, LIFX, LockState, Logitech, Lowes Iris, Lutron, Microsoft, Monitronics, Nest, Netgear, Noke, Ooma, Panasonic, Petcube, Philips, Protect America, Rachio, Ring, Samsung SmartThings, Schlage, Sense, Sensi, SimpliSafe, SkyBell, SkyLink, Suddenlink, Tado, Time Warner Cable, Vivint, XFINITY/Comcast, Zmodo, Zuli

Executive Summary

During the month of April, overall demand for Smart Home devices dropped compared to March. Traditional Smart Home Service Providers continue to lose ground to Vivint and AT&T as recent app changes have pushed these providers ahead of the pack. In several segments, the leading brands lost mindshare to up and comers, with Lutron gaining on Philips Hue and August’s new Doorbell Camera gaining on Ring. The gap between consumer perception of the Smart Home devices they install and the apps use to control them persists, with the apps failing to deliver the promised functionality and usability.

Report Excerpt: Service Providers and MSOs like Vivint & AT&T improve app experience over Device Manufacturers like Canary, Philips, Belkin and others

Connectivity continues to be a key barrier to adoption for most consumers, and home security continues to be the most discussed usage scenario by consumers both in the review data and in the more aspirational social conversations. Consumers are still more concerned about asset protection than having purple mood lights in the kitchen. While Amazon’s Echo continues to dominate as the most popular interface to the Smart Home, many consumers are still waiting to see if and when Apple starts to make good on the promise of HomeKit.

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