Argus Insights releases iPad 2 Launch Report – "Buy it or skip it?"

We have the iPad 2 launch report now available, which shows how customers feel about the iPad 2, and how it stacks up against other tablets – including the original iPad. We are not offering up yet another pundit prediction for the future of the tablet market: our analysis comes entirely from what users say about their experiences with their tablet products. The results might surprise you! Please visit to retrieve your copy.

Argus Insights provides innovation intelligence tools that develop insights, analysis, and forward-looking analytics from customer experience sentiment as revealed in social media content. Argus Insights methods are based on founder John Feland’s research at Stanford University, which showed that product social ca

pital – customer experience sentiment for a product, based on both customer delight and product “buzz” – can lead market share shifts by one to three quarters. (Interestingly enough, delight and buzz independently correlate to market share, with buzz often being the heavier contributor.)

Let us know what you think and what other analyses you would like to see.


The Argus Insights Team