Microsoft Band Takes Wearables Market by Storm, But Will Consumers Soak It Up?

The new Microsoft Band is turning heads, as it unexpectedly hit the wearables market earlier this week. This device straddles the line between fitness band and smartwatch with features ranging from calorie tracking, to heart rate monitoring, to GPS, to UV sensing, to fielding calls. The Microsoft Band appears to have it all, but does it have what it takes to succeed in the rapidly developing Wearables Market? Below are two charts listing the best and worst things about wearables according to consumer reviews over the past 6 months, let’s see how the Microsoft Band stacks up.


Consumers reported the highest percentage of positive comments regarding the size and weight of wearable devices. Users like their devices to be “light,” and “comfortable,” so they can wear them everyday without it being a nuisance. Aside from the size of wearables, consumers had great things to say about fitness related features from step tracking to sleep monitoring. Users have reported success, as devices are “a great reminder to move a little more.”


Negative feedback about wearables on the market today stems largely from complaints of reliability and poor service. The overall volume and percentage of negative complaints is far less than positive ones, but these problems can inhibit adoption. Consumers have complained that “GPS data is off,” their “watch consistently freezes,” and their “battery died 8 hours into a race.” In order for wearable technology to function properly, it must work in sync with the user, and problems like battery life and false readings are widening the gap in reporting.

The Microsoft Band has all the popular functions consumers like in a wearable, but only time will tell if it is reliable and accurate. If you are interested in the competitive landscape of the wearables market, our Monthly Wearables Report examines consumer preference across brands and products, so you can get into the minds of current and potential consumers. For more information, access to our data, custom reports, analysis, or consultation, please contact Argus Insights.

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