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Communicate directly with Argus Insights CEO Dr. John Feland and his team to work toward individualized goals for your company. Argus Insights is Silicon Valley’s first big data driven Market Coach. We continuously monitor and analyze millions of consumer touch points to help our clients achieve and sustain market fit in the face of competitive threats and shifting customer preferences. Using our proprietary SaaS platform and on-call analysis, Argus Insights performs:
  • Product Launch Monitoring & Analysis
  • Product Development Research
  • Consumer Segmentation
  • Consumer Demand Forecasting
  • Retail Product Fit Advisement
  • Event Tracking
  • Social Enterprise Marketing Optimization 
Argus Insights performs analysis in both Consumer Markets and Enterprise Marketing. We help consumer facing clients discover what is delighting users to predict market momentum, and we help business facing clients track the quality and reach of their marketing content to optimize their social marketing plans. 
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