Consumer Social Data Reveals Excitement for Apple Watch Is Waning in Advance of Product Sales

Analysis of 7.8M social conversations and 65,000 reviews from September through March shows Apple Watch facing ‘wrist’ competition from Fitbit, others

Los Gatos, CA, April 9, 2015 – The interest in the Apple Watch has risen – and fallen – dramatically since Apple first announced it in September and even since its official launch in March, according to data released today by Argus Insights, a market intelligence firm which measures real-time consumer data. Based on more than 7.8M social conversations and 65,000 wearable product reviews measured over six months, consumer excitement and interest in the upcoming Apple Watch has not been sustained and has been surpassed by Fitbit and other wearables.

“We have seen a couple of remarkable Apple Watch spikes – when it was first introduced of course and then when it was launched with details in March – but aside from those two periods, there has not been a sustained level of consumer interest compared to Android Wear or FitBit,” said John Feland, CEO and founder, Argus Insights.

The Wearables Consumers took pause when the Apple Watch was introduced in September 2014 but rebounded within weeks and delivered tremendous holiday sales to stalwarts like Fitbit and Garmin according to the Argus Insights “Wearables Heartbeat Report,” its monthly report of global consumer wearable demand. “Fitbit suffered the most after Apple’s initial announcement but dominated holiday 2014 with both their fitness bands and their first smartwatch, the Surge,” Feland continued. “Android Wear devices like the LG G R and the Moto 360 are the highest rated wearables by consumers, ahead of the Apple Watch shipping. Even Pebble, which succeeds with a fraction of the promised functions of the Apple Watch, has been gaining demand since Apple’s September reveal.”

“The Android Wear partnership with traditional watch manufacturer Tag Heuer, rumored for release in December, created almost as much social excitement as the Apple Watch news,” said Feland. “These results show us that though the Apple Watch will of course be successful, we don’t see the product to be wildly successful when it is finally available to customers in early May. The fact that Pebble Time has had such success, even after the Apple Watch reveal in September suggests that even iPhone users resonate with a simpler experience than Apple Watch promises.”

Argus Insights continuously monitors social conversations

Since September the firm has been engaged in continuous monitoring of consumer reactions to products being purchased around the world, including almost 7.8 million social conversations and over 65,000 consumer reviews on wearables to determine consumer interest in the Apple Watch. “With our analysis based on a substantial amount of data, we are very confident of our read on the market momentum around Apple Watch. We believe that competitive brands have launched more effective pre-emptive attacks and captured more wrists than Apple anticipated when it announced it in September,” said Feland.

More information and to download the Argus Insights Apple Watch report is available here

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