Mobile World Congress 2015 Report

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This report examines consumer feedback to dig deep into the reasons tech trends like 5G, fashion & wearables, and app development were top of mind during the show, and what that means for the future.

To Drive A Market, First Be Market Driven

Success in the growth of relationships, be that consumer or enterprise, is consistently sought after with two very different approaches: companies are either Loud or they Listen. Argus Insights aids our clients in being Listen-oriented organizations. We provide tools and actionable insights, which are critical to understanding the current competitive landscape and driving market growth through strong relationships that block out the Loud competitors. 

Loud brands and organizations love social media, because the cost of yelling out their message to the entire planet drops almost to zero. Loud organizations are blind to the impact they are having on brand relationships and tend to lose in the long term.

Listen oriented organizations consider context before entering into conversation with the market. They make use of hard won empathy to fuel long term relationships, rather than relying on pomp and bluster. Organizations that Listen also love social media but for radically different reasons.

Argus Insights helps brands Listen in both B2C and B2B markets. We gather intelligence on what is driving the market today to help better position clients to drive the market tomorrow. Argus Insights tracks the complete product cycle from development to marketing to sale to satisfaction, in order to ensure that companies are putting the right technology in front of the right consumers. Whether you are a business dealing with consumers, partners, or other businesses, we can provide insight to answer the questions you never knew you had.





There are patterns in business that repeat themselves.  We have been analyzing these patterns of success within consumer social media for years.  B2B utilization of social media is increasing dramatically. Our focus on the customer behaviors over the brand maneuvers pays dividends for our clients because of the hard fought innovations won on the battlefield of consumer social media.  One recurring customer engagement pattern across B2B and B2C manifests in the Before, During and After.  

Before an event, launch, initiative, or market push, it is critical to understand what is top of mind for your target customers. This allows you to craft your efforts to ease the disruption of your customers and defend against your competitors.  Argus Insights’ multichannel analysis of customer behavior extends beyond social media into ratings and reviews, proprietary survey results, quantitative forecasting, and more, to ensure your market entrance makes more of a splash than a thud.

During the delivery of your value proposition to customers, Argus Insights helps keep you focused on the strategic reactions of your competition as they seek to mimic your success.  Think of our support as ‘Disruption Insurance’ to provide early warning not only of incoming market challenges, but also in shifts in your customers’ needs, enabling you to react in a timely fashion.  Our proven predictive customer demand metrics ensure you are focused on Key Performance Indicators based on metrics that matter rather than endless charts of data unrelated to what drives your market.

After, because no opportunity lives forever, your needs shift to understand the impact of your efforts on the competitive landscape. Extracting the elements that rhyme with success ensure you repeat the actions that drive growth and revenue.  Our partnership with clients does not end here, but transitions to apply these critical lessons in the preparation for the next chance to make our clients heroes to their customers and organizations.



Easy to Start, Addictive Enough Not to Stop

Most customer analytics companies require long term contracts, significant organic resources to extract actionable results, extensive training for your team, and potentially invasive enterprise IT integrations, which all slow your time to success.  Argus Insights helps you start small with pilot projects priced to speed your approval process.  Unlike other providers, Argus Insights charges one price regardless of the volume of data in a month. Just one price, regardless of the amount of value added processing we do to ensure your success. 

Our job is to ensure your success and remove complexities that diffuse your focus on driving growth and revenue. As your needs evolve, Argus Insights can flex resources to grow with you and when you are ready, transition operations to your team.  This maximizes your enterprise return on investment and accelerates the realization of new opportunities faster than you thought possible.

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