How Argus Insights Can Help Your Business Grow Social Capital



The retail industry is becoming a dynamic and competitive market. Social Media is part of that transformation. Social conversation can drive or inhibit sales. Argus is here to help you understand and improve sales by analyzing that conversation.

Advertising Agencies

Agencies need to understand social trends in order to create an effective marketing strategy. Additionally, agencies need to understand if their intended message is resonating with the consumers. Argus provides the insight and tracking to design an optimal message.

Consumer Electronics

Electronics today become obsolete at an incredibly fast pace. In this competitive and fast paced market, it’s important to be a step ahead by understanding consumer preferences and trends. Argus can help you get ahead in this market for increased sales.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Whether you are running an established conglomerate or small local shop, maintaining positive inter-customer conversations around your product is an important step to success. From food brands to exercise machines, Argus provides the tools to analyze the market conversations and improve consumer experience in specific areas.

Component Suppliers

Markets are rapidly changing in size and structure. Thus, supply and demand may fluctuate in between periodic reports. Argus can help your supplier industry get your customers the right amount of supplies at the optimal price.

Financial Services

Managing a portfolio requires specialized insight to hedge risk and diversify investment. By understanding patterns of market behavior, your service will be more successful. Argus technology has proven to predict sales of products and services 1-2 quarters before release date.


Non-Profit organizations, like corporations, want to deliver a good product or service to their recipients. Understanding the needs and expectations of your customers is key to improving that product or service. Argus helps you understand the demographics and needs of your recipients.

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