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Lumo Lift Posture Tracker and Apple Watch Lead Wearable Consumer Delight Ahead of Black Friday & Holiday Buying Season

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Why Argus Insights?

  • We enable insights into consumer wants and needs without the added work, expense, and bias of Surveys and Focus groups
  • Our proprietary metrics are a proven predictor of market momentum and purchase intent, providing our clients with a crystal ball to the future of their market
  • We provide your team with unlimited access to our proprietary tools and methods, which are proven to identify what products and services are driving market growth, and why, in real time
smart home demand
Track consumer feedback across entire markets to follow trends and project future demand
  1. Tell us your market
  2. Receive access to product, brand & retailer data for the entire market, plus an entire stream of social conversation
  3. Enjoy unlimited dashboard access plus support from our analysts to track trends, perform competitive analysis, and continuously asses your market fit

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What We Do For You

  • Argus Insights enables consumer empathy by capturing the voice of the end user
  • Our extensive analytics workbench provides a window into product research, marketing strategy, and demand projection with an unrivaled collection of global consumer reviews
  • Compare yourself to the competition, analyze total market trends, and drill into what is driving sentiment to identify and address consumer pain points

Understand your Consumers, Dominate Your Market

  • We aggregate and analyze global consumer reviews to help you discover what matters most to the end user
  • Determine what consumers like and what they want improved to create better products and marketing campaigns
  • Eliminate the need for costly surveys and bias focus groups. Go straight to the source with access to our extensive collection of consumer reviews and social market discussion
smart home demand
Track consumer feedback across entire markets to follow trends and project future demand

Data & Report Offerings


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