Designed From The Ground Up to Cure Brand Blindness

Argus Insights believes in looking at the entire market, not just your brand and company.  It was this brand blindness that caused firms like Nokia to ignore the threat of the Apple iPhone.  Whether it is the digital marketing filtering into social media or the kudos and curmudgeons   reflected in consumer reviews at, Best Buy and other retailers, Argus Insights ensure you always have access to the ENTIRE market, eliminating career ending blind spots and giving you the evidence you need to leave your competition behind.


Turnkey Analytics Using Models Curated To Your Market


Your market is special, uses language unique to your context.  Argus Insights has crafted market specific topic models that understands your company and your consumers.  These models are constantly being updated so even older data benefits from new analysis, like a focus group that never goes home. 

Rooted in Design Thinking Research From Stanford University

Argus Insights was founded on the research done at Stanford University that showed metrics of consumer experience like consumer reviews mirrors consumer acceptance of new products.  Rather than focusing on what consumer bought, Argus Insights measures what consumers enjoyed and that is more predictive of what the market will buy tomorrow.


Measure the Gap Between Brand Promises and Consumer Reality


Wait, are you using Twitter to predict sales?  No!  Our analysis of social media focuses on the promises being made to consumers and the anticipation consumers are demonstrating for the products and services in your market.  The user experience reflected by the reviews is the best measure of consumer acceptance.  Each package provides clients the ability to measure that gap between what is being promised and what is being delivered…

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