Argus Insights Consumer Demand Reports Explore Why US Consumers Are Delighted by Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer Huawei as Samsung Loses Favor


Argus Insights is pleased to announce the availability of November Smartphone Consumer Demand Report, which:

  • provides an unprecedented view of where consumers are leading the market
  • augments findings of traditional market research firms with comprehensive analysis of consumer opinions
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6Global Consumers are Becoming Increasingly Interested in Huawei & Xiaomi as Huawei\’s Delight Levels Approach that of Apple & Samsung

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Huawei saw a large boost in reported consumer delight in the Global, US, and Chinese smartphone markets this month, which catapulted the brand into a favorable position. While Apple and Samsung continue to dominate global mindshare, other brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, and LG are gradually grabbing attention as consumers show interest in cheaper options over trendy brands.

Argus Insights constantly tracks details as they arise from the data analyzed in these reports. Visit the Argus Insights Blog to read more about:

  • the rise of Chinese Manufacturers
  • how Xiaomi and Huawei are threatening Samsung and Apple in terms of delight, in accordance with their sales increase in Q3 as reported by Gartner
  • how third party resale is negatively impacting the Net Promoter Score of OnePlus

To understand the adoption of the Internet of Things, we must look toward the Internet of HumansTM. Argus Insights sorts through the chaos that is consumer response to extract and interpret invaluable advice from the very people purchasing products.

 More detailed analysis is available in the report, purchase your November Smartphone Consumer Demand Report today. Reports are also available in the Home Automation and Wearables market.

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