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The Argus Platform enables companies to use social media and user data to refine and launch effective marketing and innovation campaigns. By providing comprehensive and actionable consumer information and insights, Argus helps companies capture mind share.


How it Works


The Argus Platform is able to deliver actionable insights through three simple processes.


  • Collect: The Argus Platform pulls together consumer conversations in social media sources like Twitter and consumer review sites. This data is unsolicited, unstructured, unfiltered, and real-time, which offers more thorough and unbiased insights. Additionally, Argus can integrate proprietary data sources such as surveys, help desk reports, and net promoter score questionnaires to offer fully comprehensive reporting.

  • Analyze: The Argus Platform normalizes sentiment data across sources, and then compares consumer conversations to uncover reasons behind consumer trends. By connecting ongoing social conversations and metrics to campaigns, Argus is also able to predict near future sales growth (1-2 quarters out).

  • Report: The Argus Platform reports results in simple and intuitive visualizations with downloadable powerpoint-ready graphics from a dashboard customizable to the company’s strategic questions.



The Argus Platform offers a comprehensive social analytics tool via a cloud architecture that can be customized around a company’s existing market research tools and proprietary data sources.


Argus also offers additional service expertise and analyst support as needed.

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  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Televisions
  • Consumer Electronics Retail
  • Laptops
  • Diapers
  • Smartphone Apps
  • and more…

We can rapidly customize the Portal to your context, for a fraction of what the other guys charge for just one month of access to their generic workflows.

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