With the advancing tide of social engagement sweeping through Madison Avenue, Main Street and Wall Street, there is a rise of a particularly destructive disease, Brand Blindness. Brand Blindness occurs when brand blindly leverage these low cost, broad reach platforms to drive the wrong message to the wrong audience for the wrong offering.
The brands are blind to context, blind to who we are and what it means to live our lives. Most companies have spent millions trying to create recommendation engines that tell what offer retailers should shove in our face next, predictive analytics to determine which path through the maze of offers and coupons is mostly likely to get us to buy, endless scenarios of A-B testing, all devoid of context. A-B testing does not help find C. Recommendation engines are based on what others bought not what consumers enjoy. And predictive analytics can only optimize the road most traveled.
This presentation walks through some of the symptoms of Brand Blindness and what brands can do to avoid driving their customers away.