The Black Friday advertising has already started to hit consumers in full force. Every year for the past few decades, retailers have ratcheted up the deals and steals used to temp consumers to shake off their post Thanksgiving food comas and shuffle like the walking dead to their retail outlets in the twilight of the early morning hours before any self respecting rooster would consider it polite to greet the rising sun. The sequel to this mass retail migration to participate in the largest mixed martial arts contest with your fellow holiday cheer bringer is the equally frenzied Cyber Monday sales during which Amazon’s bandwidth and electricity consumption for a single 24 hour period could power all of Latin America for a year. Are the millions spent by retailers to extract billions from our pockets in these magical 8 days each year focused on the right products? Is that laptop priced at $150 really worth knee surgery you’ll have to schedule after the holidays due to injuries sustained while clawing it from the hands of that nice grandmother that lives down your street? Is a new myPad you got for under $300 really going to drive smiles come January?
Pulling on the insights gathered from the most important voices in retail, consumers themselves. Argus Insights CEO, Dr. John Feland, will walk through the hottest products on the market today. Based not on what the brands are promising or the pundits are selling, but on what is delighting consumers. See if the new iPhones are all that, what is the best tablet for hard fought recession dollars, whether Chromebooks really replace laptops for consumers, and more. With data on over 7,000 products across over 400 brands, Argus Insights will identify likely winners of the holiday shopping frenzy and uncover hidden gems that are better candidates for the top of holiday wish lists than the dominant brands.