Want to Know What Makes a Smart Home a Happy Home? 



  • Smart Light Bulbs and Home Security Kits and Hubs lead the Smart Home market in terms of delight
  • SimpliSafe consistently produces happy customers to help drive up Home Security Kits & Hubs delight
  • After a rocky launch, Nest Cam consumers are reporting increasing satisfaction to approach the segment average 

 Smart Home Delight Report

New report by Argus Insights unpacks which products and attributes are driving an increase in delight for the Smart Home market

Report includes:

  • Analysis of the rising delight in the Smart Home market across product segments
  • Deep Dive on Security Systems
    • Analysis of SimpliSafe and Canary’s performance, and consumer feedback driving that 
  • Deep Dive on Nest Cam performance from launch as compared to the entire security camera market
    • Analysis of most loved and hated attributes contributing to shifts in consumer perception
  • Discussion of implications of market shifts and how companies can adapt to succeed

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