Did the Green Peace Protest Send the Amazon Fire Phone into the Red?

There has been a new development in the failed launch of the Amazon Fire phone. It has been reported that a majority of negative consumer reviews for the Amazon Fire phone are a result of a Green Peace inspired protest, and are written by “environmentalists unhappy with the fact that Amazon’s massive cloud computing infrastructure is powered by coal.” Here at Argus Insights, we have been tracking consumer perception of the Fire phone since its launch. After investigating the nature of negative reviews we found that while Green Peace inspired negative reviews did impact unfavorable perception, plenty of consumer disapproval stemmed from other issues with the phone.


After sorting out the Amazon Fire phone reviews driven by the Green Peace protest, the lack of consumer satisfaction remains evident. The Green Peace ‘spam storm’ temporarily drove down the product delight score, but the impact of those negative reviews were quickly normalized.

Argus Insights is dedicated to providing quality data. After taking Green Peace’s protest of the Amazon Fire phone into account, we can confidently report that unhappy environmentalists were not its ultimate downfall. For more information about how product perception is influenced by social scandal, access to our data, or for custom reports on any product, brand, or market we cover, please contact Argus Insights.

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